Sunday, February 20, 2011

Locally Made - Locally Sourced - Shaffield's Furniture in Sparta, TN

The #1 question we get in our store is: Is all of this stuff made here? 

We're proud to answer that quesiton.

100% of what you see in our store comes from manufacturers and distributors in Tennessee and Northern Alabama.  We actively search for local companies who make quality furniture in our area.  Our mattresses are made in Celina.  Our upholstered furniture is made in Cookeville and Cleveland, TN.  Many of our dining chairs, our barstools, directors chairs, & more come from TLT in Sparta.  Our TV stands come from Premier RTA in Doyle.  Our bunk beds are made in Albertville, AL(just south of the TN border).  For the items that aren't made in the USA, or items that are imported to hit a certain price point, we are buying from distributors in Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN - supporting our local logistics and distribution jobs. 

As we work with local manufacturers, we can offer custom upholstery and finishing not available in most furniture stores.  My family has been a part of the local manufacturing and retail community in Sparta since 1970.  I grew up spending time in my grandfather's store and my father and uncle's manufacturing facilities.

After years of prodding from members of our community to bring back the type of furnitue store my grandfather and aunts had, we decided it was time to open back up.  The experience my family has on the manufacturing side, not simply sales, allows us to identify quality furniture regardless of price.  That's why you won't see many big name brands in our store - we sell furniture based on its value and qualty, not simply a name.  We carry solid wood tables- pine, birch, oak, mahogany, & more.  Our upholstered furniture comes with lifetime warranties on the frames. 

We price our furniture low and keep our overhead to a minimum to give our customers the most value for their hard earned dollar.  Our store may not be fancy, but your home will be, thanks to Shaffield's.  That's the business model that made my grandfather successful for over 2 decades - a legacy that we want to live up to.  Thanks for your support of our store - Locally Made, Locally Sourced.

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